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Nick Hall is the founder and Head Chef at Aroma Catering. Based in Cumbria, Aroma Catering specialises in producing taster style menus ranging from 3-15 courses.

What makes Aroma Catering unique is the fact that all the profits made from catering events go to the Aroma Catering Foundation. The foundation looks to fund Catering College for students leaving School at the end of Year 11.




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The Aroma Catering Foundation

Supporting the next generation of young chefs

The Aroma Catering Foundation has one purpose, to help students who have a passion for food and cooking by funding their way through Catering College.

No young person should have their dreams tarnished due to financial circumstances so our mission is to ensure future young chefs can go to Catering College by paying for their tuition fees, chef whites, set of knives and even transport.

Our catering events are also an opportunity for these potential chefs to experience what a working kitchen and service is like. It is also a chance for them to plan their own menus and dishes which can then be served to our guests.

By booking Aroma Catering for your event, you are supporting our foundation and the next generation of chefs.


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