Thanks Aroma Catering, it was a pleasure seeing how you and your team work, the food was amazing!

David Rucker


The whole point is we give young people opportunities and chances to learn, be inspired and succeed. If just one person can be helped, this whole project will have been a success. 

Nick Hall

Aroma Catering Founder

Aroma Catering Documentary

The Aroma Catering Documentary has been put together by Luke Roberts from Furness College, Cumbria. The documentary aims to show you the kind of things Aroma Catering, and the Aroma Catering Foundation stands for.

Footage was recorded during a special event held in Broughton in Furness. The event saw a four course meal being prepared and served to paying customers.

This event, like all of our others, was head up by our founder Nick Hall. Food Preparation and Nutrition students from nearby Ulverston Victoria High School worked as chefs and waiters.

We really hope you enjoy the film, we certainly enjoyed filming it!

BBC Radio Cumbria Interview

So, on Monday 20th November, Aroma was live on BBC Radio Cumbria! Our Founder Nick Hall was interviewed and discussed all sorts of things that we as a foundation are trying to achieve. Not only that, two of Nick's students, both Year 11s at Ulverston Victoria High School and studying Food Preparation and Nutrition, spoke about their aspirations to to attend catering college and how Aroma could help make that become a reality.

Give it a listen!

BBC Radio Cumbria Interview Part II

Aroma was on BBC Radio Cumbria's Breakfast Show on Saturday 13 June after the announcement of our new Board of Trustees. We talk about this, but also about how Coronavirus has affected the Hospitality Industry, and what could maybe be done about it.

Check it out here!

Aroma at Restaurant UVHS

As the Aroma Founder Nick Hall is a full time Food Preparation & Nutrition/Catering teacher at Ulverston Victoria High School, he has begun using the school kitchen and dining room as venues for Aroma events. This means that not only are students developing their skills, they are also getting the opportunity to work in a professional kitchen environment, and cook for their peers, teachers and families.

Using school resources, Aroma has been able to not only get pictures of the students and events (which you can see below, but we have also managed to get video clips of the 'chefs' in action. Theres no sound, but check out students from Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 working with Head Chef Nick Hall, and Aroma Ambassador Steven Doherty who holds 3 Michelin Stars!


11th August 2018

"Food was amazing, thanks to all for your hard work"

"I've been following you all week enjoying your preparations and wow - what a fabulous achievement, well done"

"Bloody fantastic Nick, well done mate!"

"Exquisite! The food was amazing and helped make the wedding a truly special day! Thank you!"

"Well done Nick and kids. The food was superb"

"Absolutely amazing, what skill! Impressive"