Aroma Catering at Penrith Cricket Club

What a night!

6 courses, 29 hungry guests, 1 chef, 1 KP and 3 waiters. I could be original and say we had the recipe for success but I'll avoid that old cliche!

5:30 on Friday evening the amazing team I had all arrived and final preparations were made to transform a function room into the Aroma Catering restaurant. By 6:30 the guests were arriving and enjoying a complementary aperitif. The first course was served at 7:00 and by 10:00, we had a room of well fed guests.

This was Aroma Catering's first solo event. Although the company is only 2 months old, we have been able to pull of what we certainly think was extremely successful event. The atmosphere was superb, guests seemed to thoroughly enjoy their food, but most importantly, plenty of money was raised for our charity, the Aroma Catering Foundation!

With the night being so successful and promising, we are already beginning plans for our next event.

Its fair to say, I go back to school tomorrow as a Food Technology teacher, extremely happy with the success Aroma Catering has had so far. Long may it continue!

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