Aroma Catering starting to succeed!

It has been a very exciting week for Aroma Catering! I am very pleased to announce that Aroma Catering managed to secure employment for one Cumbrian student this week! Josie Cheng who attends Ulverston Victoria High School has started a Saturday job at Broughton Village Bakery in Broughton in Furness!

The bakery approached Aroma Catering to see if we could assist them in finding someone who could run their kitchen on Saturdays - we were only to happy to help! Josie had her first day in the bakery yesterday and although the cafe was unusually quiet, it seemed to be nothing but successful for both Josie and the rest of the staff working there. We would like to wish Josie and the bakery the best of luck!

Helping younger generations find work experience and employment is just one small aspect of what Aroma Catering and the Aroma Catering Foundation do. This week we have also been working as consultants with a restaurant in Ulverston which has just been taken over by new owners. We have been working to help plan and advise a number of issues like menus, sourcing of ingredients, staff and rotas as well as redecoration of the front of house and bar area!

The new owners are in the process of signing paperwork and formally take over the restaurant from the 1st January - watch this space for more information about how Aroma Catering will be helping their launch!

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