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Well, where to start? It has been a little while since our last blog post, that's mainly because we have been that busy! Our biggest story is of course our recent event at Broughton Village Bakery. Not only was a four course meal prepared and served, the entire event was filmed by students from Barrow College! This really was an incredible event and it really demonstrated everything which Aroma Catering stands for - good food which gets people talking, an incredible experience for young people working as chefs and waiters, and working with other groups/communities/people to help develop their skill and reputation.

The event was staffed by Food students from Ulverston Victoria High School. They were incredible! None of them had experience working as chefs/waiters, certainly not serving the kind of food we did at this event. They were professional, attentive, but most of all, they left having had a wonderful experience and desperate to work at future events.

The menu on offer for this event was exciting and very unusual:

Scallops with white chocolate veloute

Cauliflower risotto, dark chocolate jelly and cauliflower veloute

Strawberries, olives and leather

Blood Orange jelly

The aim of the menu was to excite our customers, but also get them talking about the different flavours and textures.

The film crew who came to event were busy filming all afternoon/evening and captured some fantastic footage including interviews with some of customers. We are certainly extremely excited to see the finished film which will hopefully be ready for April.

As well as this event, Aroma Catering is also preparing for our events in Penrith and Broughton on the 14th and 21st April. Tickets are still available for both events.

We are also in the process of planning a number of very exciting events for Summer 2017 and Summer 2018. Keep an eye out for more information about those events in the coming weeks and months.

Aroma Catering was also extremely lucky to have been gifted some fantastic pieces of equipment! We can't wait to be able to use them to develop and create even more creative and wonderful dishes.

As always, we are keeping our eye out for anyone who would like to be involved with Aroma Catering either through helping organising events, assistance with funding applications, donations of equipment, and of course booking tables for our events!

Thank you to all who have supported us so far, hopefully we will see you at our events in April!

Happy Cooking!

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