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Well, after a bit of a quiet period (our choice!), we have started preparations again for more Aroma events!

On Friday 10th November we will be at Ulverston Victoria High School (just a coincidence of course that UVHS is the school our founder works at!), offering a 4 course meal for staff, governors and parents. Like all our events, this will be run by students in school and will be a wonderful opportunity for them to develop their skill and knowledge.

Bookings are coming in nicely and this event has a little surprise! Something that we've never done before is allow access to the kitchen as we are cooking. For this event we have organised wireless cameras in the kitchen so our guests can see how the food is cooked before it is served in front of them. This should certainly add to the drama and theatre of the evening.

This event itself is very exciting, whats even more exciting is we will be catering our first wedding next summer! Rebecca Cockayne and Rhys Osborne have been to one of earlier events and enjoyed our food that much, they have booked us for their special day! After a successful afternoon of sampling dishes, the menu is almost complete.

Although their day will be incredible for them, we are so pleased to be trusted to provide the food for their closest friends and family. It's also extremely humbling to know there are other people who want to support our cause as much as us.

Plans are underway for other events for 2018, one of which is a 12 course meal which will have just as much theatre as all of our other events.

As always, thanks for the support!

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