Welcome to Aroma Paul!

I had the pleasure of travelling down to meet Paul this week to present him with his certificate after he was awarded £200 from Aroma.

Paul, whilst certainly older than previous beneficiaries is just as deserving for our support. He hasn't had the easiest of lives, but recently Paul has demonstrated what a incredible work ethic he has. He has got his head down, completed qualifications and training, and is now looking to push himself and achieve more and more.

Paul has been taken on by our Ambassadors Chefs Catering. Chefs Sam and Josh have already begun teaching Paul the tricks of the trade, helping him develop from a cook, to a chef. Behind the scenes Gemma is making plans for how Paul can be more included and take on more responsibilities. The money donated by Aroma is being used to purchase Paul chef whites, and also equip him with a set of good quality knives.

Aroma Founder Nick Hall | Recipient of support Paul

Paul was presented with his certificate, something which all recipients receive. Not only is this a physical gift and token of support, but it demonstrates to Paul, and others, that help is available for those that want it. As we said to Paul, it doesn't matter what your age, your background or where you come from, Aroma is in place to help support people get into food and begin a new journey and potentially career.

We are really proud of Paul and everything he is doing and it is with great pride that we have supported him. We look forward to involving him in our future events, and we can 100% guarantee that he is in safe hands working with Chefs Catering.

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