Aroma Work Experience Programme

 I'm a huge believer that in order to learn and experience what a professional kitchen is really like, you have to get in one! School can teach you the skills and techniques, but there is no substitute for real life experiences. Aroma now has a number of Ambassadors who can offer the opportunities to carry out work experience, meaning you can see for yourself how the professionals work.

Nick Hall - Aroma Founder

    Aroma's mission is to help inspire and motivate as many young people as possible to foster a love for food and cooking.

    Our Foundation offers support with applications to college, both through mock interviews and financial help.

    Our Work Experience Programme has been set up so that students can have the opportunity to get into some of the best kitchens in the area to see for themselves what it's like to be a professional chef.

    Check out our Aroma Ambassadors to see who could offer you the opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge.

    Aroma's Advice for Work Experience 

    Carrying out work experience is a fantastic way to get a feel for how a professional kitchen, and a chef works. If you are going to visit a catering establishment, try and do the following:

    • Dress appropriately - if you can, get a chef jacket and apron, and where sensible shoes. (Aroma can help source chef jackets).

    • Follow hygiene rules - make sure you have your hair tied back, your not wearing jewellery and have washed your hands.

    • Bring a pen and notepad to make some notes.

    • Look through the restaurant menu before you go. This way you'll have some idea of what dishes are served.

    • Have fun! This should be a fantastic experience. 

    Aroma will help you organise work experience. Simply download our Work Experience Form, fill in your details and send it back!


    Find out who has already carried out work experience through Aroma and how they found the process.


    "I've loved cooking since I was a little girl"

    "I used to sit on my grandma’s knee and watch ‘ready steady cook’ and with my grandad I would make chapattis and pakoras. This passion for food has stayed with me into my late teens and I want to make into a career, so my mum and I started to search for somewhere for me to do some work experience. By chance we found Aroma Catering and I contacted its founder, Nick Hall, who then set out to find a restaurant or bistro suited to my requests.

    Lakeside Hotel + Lake District 010.JPG

    "I even had a go at a few plates myself"

    My three days were varied timewise, I was told as soon as I arrived to decide what would be right for me. I was made to feel comfortable and this really helped make the most of my experience. I ended up doing a morning shift, and an 11-5 shift and a full day shift. This helped give me an insight into the different aspects of the restaurant. My favourite was being able to witness evening service and the full plating up of food. I even had a go at a few plates myself after I had watched carefully. It was amazing to see how all the preparation of the day, the cutting of the carrots and making the jus then all came together to make one stunning plate of food.  

    Lakeside Hotel + Lake District 047.JPG

    "Thank you Aroma"

    I would recommend doing work experience through Aroma Catering as they carefully pick out the best place of work suited to you. Thank you very much Aroma Catering, I am now looking forward to working in the kitchen in the future.

    Meet Aisha

    Aisha is the first ever person to use the Aroma Catering Work Experience Programme, and ironically, she doesn't live in Cumbria! Aisha travelled from Mansfield to spend three days learning from one of Aroma Ambassadors, and her experience has inspired her to continue to develop her love for cooking.

    Download the attachment above and carry out your own work experience ... who knows where it could lead!